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These are some of the resources I've used throughout my academic journey. 

I am App

I am- Daily Affirmations App

Healing, Gratitude, and Self-care

I use this app to help me come up with meaningful affirmations

Shelah Marie- Meditation Mixtape

Shelah Marie's Meditation Mix Tape

A beginner friendly Meditation

This mix tape helped me get my start with a meditation practice. Shelah made it easy to understand breath-work.

shelah marie.jpeg



Audible is a game changer! It helps me habit stack, aka listen to personal development books while doing other things!

Habits & Routines

A workflow for incorporating new habits

This 4 step guide is how I begin to implement new habits into my routine. Healthy habits create habitual success Success. (Click HERE to download the fillable PDF!)

Guide for healthy habits
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