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Tackling the Graduate Student Mental Health Crisis

The prevalence of mental illness among students in higher education has steadily increased. Studies report students are up to six times more likely to experience anxiety and depression compared to the general population. Furthermore, mental health challenges are even more pronounced for students from historically excluded identities (HEIs). Students from HEIs are impacted by structural inequities and microaggressions compounded with academic cultural barriers and stressors, which can affect their mental health. Thus, I've created an a mindfulness-based intervention of evidenced-based modalities in self-awareness, identity, and compassion that deepen understanding and empathy within oneself and the broader community to increase mental health equity in the academic space.

These workshops have been crafted in collaboration with mental health practitioners and implemented along administrators and program directors at UNC. Data is currently being collected to investigate the efficacy of these workshops in a broad range of participants ranging from undergraduate students to faculty and staff in an academic setting. 

Workshop Topics

Self-compassion & Your PhD Journey

This workshop is a deep dive into self-compassion as defined by Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer, leaders in empirical research on self-compassion. In this workshop we outline the mental health benefits of practicing self-compassion. Participants are guided through a validated self-compassion assessment and reflection exercises. We also address the unique challenges we face as scientists in implementing such practices with ourselves and others through discussion of highly relevant case studies.

Self-care & Healthy Coping & Your PhD Journey

This workshop includes an introduction to Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as defined by Dr. John Kabatt-Zinn. Participants are guided through a validated assessment to find their coping style paired with reflective exercises. In order to increase accessibility for busy scientists, this workshop offers time efficient ways to incorporate stress reducing practices daily. Participants are led through thought provoking discussions of case studies to implement self-care in a research setting.

Your 'why' and Your PhD Journey

This workshop walks participants through a validated core values assessment as defined by Dr. Shalom H. Schwartz. We discuss the role of value incongruence and it's impact on mental health. We allow participants to reflect on their goals and how they align with their current environment. Case studies are used to incite discussion about navigating the academic space with a myriad of values.

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