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The Mindful 



What started out as a mindfulness journal to help Ph.D. students build healthy coping mechanisms and find purpose, quickly grew into a huge network of trainees who needed a safe space to be seen and heard. Earning a Ph.D. requires us to overcome countless challenges and failures, not to mention having to face systemic, and institutional barriers while attempting to manage the infamous burnout culture. All of these facets are ages old but remain unresolved.

We are a community of doctoral students whose aim is to release toxic academic culture by changing how we approach our Ph.D. through mindfulness

We may not be able to change academia, but we can change our approach such that we prioritize peace throughout our journey.


Join our Growing Network of 300+ Mindful PhD Students!

Scroll over the map below to see students in doctoral programs all over the country taking a different approach to their PhD!

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